Spiritual healing

Spiritual healing comes under many different names, but I believe that the focus should always be on taking the recipient from a place of imbalance to a place of balance.

As a healer, I believe that the more I stay out of the process, the more effective the healing can be. I become a channel for universal healing energy.

I work closely with my Spirit guides to allow the healing to come "from Spirit, through Spirit, to Spirit".

During a healing session, warmth and tingling is usually felt moving to different parts of the body, along with a wonderful feeling of peace and relaxation.

Psychic energy surgery

I have 5 Spirit doctors who work through me when offering non-intrusive psychic surgery.  This form of healing developed over the last 18 years, with different Spirit doctors working through me depending on the problem presented.

I find that even though clients often ask me for this form of treatment, it is not always appropriate as there are often underlying emotional memories that need to be dealt with first.

However I have found that it has a profound effect on physical problems such as arthritic conditions, back injuries, frozen shoulders and neck movement restrictions, and when it has been used in these cases there have been some amazing results.

The client remains fully clothed and conscious throughout the healing process.  Often they will feel pulling and tingling sensations within the body as the doctors work.  

Sometimes the Spirit doctors will create supporting frameworks of energy around a weak joint to assist with the healing process, and this energy can then be absorbed into the body after 3-10 days.

For more information about psychic energy surgery, click here.

Protection techniques

We can learn to connect with our Spirit guide or guardian angel and bring in balanced, safe and positive states which we can then anchor using NLP techniques.

Combining these techniques in this way can help you to harness and anchor some really powerful feelings of confidence or assertiveness which are easy to use yourself at home or work.Trance healing

In a group situation, I bring my guides in to demonstrate trance healing, to show the different levels of altered consciousness it is possible to use whilst working with Spirit.

Remote healing

In remote healing, I connect with my Spirit team of doctors and ask for permission to work with the Higher Self of the person involved. I then go through a series of questions and answers with the Spirit team to clarify what needs to be addressed.  Then I work with some powerful healing statements and use the healing techniques available to release the negative energies and emotions, before bringing in re-alignment, grounding and balancing.  

I use remote healing when a client lives some distance away and is unable to attend a session.  It has proved to be very powerful.

Remote healing and clearing for homes and businesses

This is a very effective way for me to clear the energy of houses that won't sell, homes where things go 'bump in the night' and businesses where there appears to be unconscious blocks or possibly affected by the projection of negative energy from an envious competitor.

I am using this healing technique now more than ever before as I am not limited by distance.

I carry out a 39 point energy diagnostic check on the home and those who reside in that home. I then correct all imbalances before sending a summary to the person who requested the work to be done.

In homes 

I am looking in particular for energy imbalances that are residual, intrusive energies, portals, vortexes, earthbound spirits and geopathic stress etc.

For People

I look for attachments, energy imbalance, psychic attack, past life issues, soul fragmentation, negative cords, psychic hooks etc

Energy balancing

I was taught a particular balancing technique by my healing guides.  It has proved to be incredibly effective in clearing many blockages and limitations, and I have been using this very effectively for about 10 years.  It releases energy on many levels, acts as a catalyst for self-healing and has helped to release people from arthritic conditions that have restricted them for many years.

Past life regression

This therapy is best used when there is a specific problem that seems to have resisted other treatments.

In past life regression, I can help you to resolve underlying issues within past lives that are relevant to a current problem.  Each lifetime is taken to its conclusion and I verify that the Soul is at peace before moving on.

Past life regression is also effective in dealing with past relationship problems by helping to resolve old karmic issues and attachments.

Faster EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

This is such a simple technique which is easily taught, but ideally used with the guidance of an intuitive therapist.

The client is taught to tap on pressure points along the meridians whilst focusing on the thoughts that put the body or mind out of balance.  The secret is to address the core of the emotion and use the appropriate phrases to bring release and wisdom in relation to the experience.

Intrusive energy and spirit releasement

This powerful technique deals with removing energy attachments from your aura.

Symptoms of energy attachments include resistant physical ailments that cannot be explained, sudden changes in personality when often the person can't remember what they've said, night terrors and nightmares, unexplained tiredness, aches and pain.

In just one session this type of therapeutic work can bring enormous benefits in releasing emotions and pain which have been infused from the entity.

Online psychic/spiritual development training.

Run at a set time for four weeks for one hour with optional homework.

I guide you through an opening prayer, meditation, an exercise to develop your psychic muscles, teaching, closing prayer finishing with grounding and protection.