Testimonials for specific conditions

The following are some testimonials from clients helped with specific conditions.  If you would like to know how I can help you, get in touch.

Severe anxiety

Carol in Wiltshire gave this testimonial after being helped with her severe anxiety

"I came off prescription and over the counter drugs after 25 years of using them to help with migraines, but unfortunately I then suffered for 18 months with terrible anxiety and severe panic attacks, which left me feeling that I was constantly going to fall over. I lost all confidence and wouldn't go out unless with someone. I was also suffering with pain and tension in my neck and left shoulder which got worse after the passing of my mother, and nothing seemed to bring me any relief.

I was recommended by a friend to see Peter and went for my first session. He immediately made me feel at ease and found an underlying issue connected to my mother which was easily addressed, and he showed me how to use a simple, empowering technique which was amazing, as by the following session I was walking everywhere with ease and confidence.

Some weeks later I went back as I wanted to address my fear of driving after having a scary experience a few years previously. Peter came and sat in the car with me and addressed the issue with a simple trauma processing technique, and after 10 minutes my fears and anxiety about driving completely disappeared. I thoroughly enjoyed driving the country route home with a smile on my face and feeling completely relaxed.  I now have my freedom back and my friends are all noticing a big difference in me. I am so grateful. Thank you Peter."

Carol, Wiltshire

Overcoming fears

"I am writing to thank you for helping me to overcome my fears regarding speaking on the phone. I have practiced the techniques that you have showed me and I have noticed a big improvement. I even feel comfortable using the tannoy at work which I used to be terrified of. I feel so much more confident within myself and now have a girlfriend! Thank you again for your help." Ben, Devon

Multiple issues including panic attacks, hayfever and allergies

This is a testimonial by Pat Osbourne, who suffered multiple issues including panic attacks, severe hay fever, multiple allergies and muscle/joint pains...

"I am a 48 year old mother of two married to a GP. I trained as SRN and work as a practice nurse in a surgery. Since 1990 I have had a cardiac arrest, suffered panic attacks and severe hayfever. This restricted me from being in the countryside and having a social life. In 1998 after moving to the country, I became increasingly unwell with fevers, vomiting, temperatures, exhaustion, muscle/joint pains and a woolly, confused head.

I arranged to have a York allergy blood test, that plus confirmation from blood tests at the surgery and skin tests done by a consultant immunologist. I was diagnosed with multiple allergies (IgE) to grass/tree pollen, house dust mites, cats and dogs. I was devastated as all the things I love were toxic and poisoning me. The consultant suggested I took anti-depressants and asked if I could be menopausal (no more than I expected!!!).

I heard through a friend that Peter had given an amazing demonstration of psychic surgery, so I rang to make an appointment.  Within 10 minutes of seeing Peter the symptoms had subsided and had virtually gone by the end of the session.  Following the second session I have not had a single symptom. I feel like me again and can garden, walk the dogs through fields and actually make plans for weekends. My family and friends are amazed - I can play tennis in the evenings and my concentration is back along with buckets of energy.

It is now nearly 4 years since seeing Peter and I have so much admiration and gratitude for him. I feel my life has been given back to me and both my husband and I are happy to refer our friends and patients to see him."

Pat Osbourne, Devon

Anxiety and confidence

"I had a problem with anxiety and meeting people. You managed to help me to remember my bad experiences differently with different healing techniques, and get over the pain they made me feel. I have found that under your guidance no problem is unsolvable. My quality of life has improved by huge amounts and I am back to my old self. Thank you deeply and keep up the good work." Andy, Devon


Lynda in New Zealand sent this testimonial after being helped with her depression:

"I was diagnosed with depression after having my first child Jessica now 11 years old in 1998. I hadn't realised how much my illness was affecting my husband and our marriage, so I went to different doctors who offered me various anti-depressants to numb everything.

Being farmers in New Zealand we moved around a lot and I found this really unsettling. I also found that I couldn't laugh with my children and after my first rough pregnancy and birth of Jessica...I couldn't cuddle her like my son who was my second child. I found that I was being really moody, chatty whilst out with friends but silent at home.

I then went to yet another GP and I was dreading going through all this again. He referred me to a psychiatrist. I was given yet again more medication and my moods were constantly up and down. After going through very difficult times with our farm work, we came to England for a fresh start and got referred to yet another GP and psychiatrist and yet again different anti-depressants.

Then we were introduced to Dr Osbourne from Crewkerne in Devon who gave me Peter's number and said he was an intuitive healer. I didn't think anyone could make it worse, so agreed to see him.  

I met Peter at the Axminster Awareness Centre and I found that I was immediately at ease in his presence. We spoke about the people who had affected me in my life and the painful experiences that I had gone through. Peter took me through a healing process that was painless and awesome using a combination of healing techniques.  In that one session with Peter, I had tears streaming down my face, a smile from ear to ear and I couldn't stop laughing! Peter also showed what I could do to help myself if I feel I can't cope and I find it really works.

The drive home from the session with Peter was awesome, as I couldn't get the smile off my face and I felt so happy. I had finally dealt with the baggage from the past and this was ME again! I felt light, I felt loved and safe, I really enjoyed the simple things in life again like driving the car, being around people etc, all the things I had dreaded in the past I was now enjoying. I don't get uptight or snappy and my life is good again. My husband has the woman he married back and the kids can laugh with mum again. MY GOD I'M BACK!

Peter Steedman is a truly awesome person. Mind I do feel a bit nervous for when I meet Peter again as I don't know what I will do as this man is truly a legend in my eyes, I want to hug him but I'm a bit worried I won't let him go and that would be no good for those others that need his help.  I am out of that dark dark place I was and I'm not going back because I have techniques to use, my mind is mine again, I smile all the time and Peter has a wonderful website if I need to recap.

Once again thank you Peter, thank you from my husband and children."

Lynda, New Zealand

Broken shoulder

"On June 12th 2008 I had an unlucky riding accident at work which resulted in me breaking the knuckle joint of my shoulder.  It was a severe break and at the time the doctors gave me two options, either operate to pin it or put on a 'hanging' cast and wait to see if the bone fuses at an acceptable angle. I was told that I would lose some movement in the upper ranges with either option, so I went for the less invasive cast.

The bone fused not too far from it's natural position, however the loss of movement in the upper ranges and constant pain was alarming. The doctors were happy to keep prescribing pain killers and said the loss of movement was something I would have to live with.  I could only raise my arm up to shoulder height and as a keen martial artist, dancer and stable hand, this was not a good option. The doctors said I wouldn't be able to even consider going back to Aikido for 18 months and I was struggling to tack up anything taller than a pony. I was reliant on sleeping pills, pain killers for my shoulder, anti sickness pills, getting uneasy broken sleep and found myself getting very emotional at random times.

I went to see Peter in November 2008 and enrolled on his weekly self development course. Within a few weeks I was able to stop taking the sleeping pills, I was getting a good nights sleep and I also learnt how to protect my sensitivity which in turn balanced my emotions.  As part of the course we were shown some healing techniques and Peter demonstrated Psychic Surgery by working on my shoulder. The immediate affect was astonishing! I had 40% more movement in my shoulder joint, the painful tightness was decreased and the whole joint felt free.

Over the following weeks this continued to improve and within a month I was able to come off the painkillers, I found that I had at least 95% of my natural movement back.  Two months on, I am able to do all the things I enjoyed before the accident including my Aikido (the shoulder is so strong I am able to breakfall onto it with 100% confidence).

The doctors are amazed at the progress and I was proud to tell them about the treatment from Peter. I am eternally grateful to Peter and the team of Spirit doctors he works with. I know things would be very different if it wasn't for them and I would heartily recommend healing treatments with Peter to anyone."

From Sadie, Wiltshire (March 2009)


This is a testimonial from a client in New Zealand who benefitted from relief from her arthritis with Intuitive Therapy...

"I have been suffering from Arthritis for the best part of 20 years and get very severe flare ups in my knees and elbows which leaves them very swollen and painfull for what can be long periods of time. I recently had a flare up after having my 4th child and decided to seek healing as I needed to be able to care for my baby.

I had one healing session with Peter by telephone as I live in New Zealand, and Peter had been recommended to me by family in the UK.  I cannot say how quickly the healing took effect as it was a gradual process, but I did realise on Christmas day, a fortnight later, that I was back to my normal self and my swelling was greatly reduced. As well as the physical healing I was much calmer and was no longer so focused on what I had been seeing as a huge brick wall in my life.

Peter also gave me the tools to help myself when I do feel that my arthritis is beginning to bother me, which I have tried recently and it was very effective. I would not hesitate in recommending anyone to give healing with Peter a try. If you have an open mind then I believe you will have a positive outcome from the experience, I'm living proof of that to be sure!

Lisa P, New Zealand

EFT for Arthritis

I incorporate EFT into many aspects of my work.  The following case history demonstrates how EFT can help arthritic conditions. It has been taken from from the EFT Universe website:

"Dear Gary, 

I am so proud to be able to say that EFT was able to heal a woman with degenerative arthritis and very few childhood memories. Brenda has had severe pain for 22 years at an intensity level of a constant 6 of a scale of 0-10.  She had to shuffle her feet because of so much pain in her legs and hips and her back was so painful that she had a hard time sleeping. She was unable to move her head fully to the left or right because her range of movement was constricted with pain. She had pain in her neck that was getting worser, where the pain was at 8 out of 10. Brenda would also get constant migraines, averaging 3 a week.

At each session I first worked on some of the immediate pain in order to make her sessions more comfortable. Then we worked on some issues of helplessness and loss after her husband, sister, mother and dad all died in a fairly short span of years.  Brenda's brother tortured her when she was small and her mother was always doing mean things to her - sending her to her room and telling her how worthless she was. Although she had no emotion and couldn't remember exact events, she could remember some things that where quite awful. For example, she had been locked up in a rabbit cage and left there for hours and she'd been tied to a tree in the woods and left there for hours. But she was good at repressing and could not bring up any emotion about these things.

So I tapped on the emotion I thought she must have been feeling, when she was trapped like that:

Even though I was left in the woods all tied up and unable to move and frightened I deeply and completely accept myself and whatever other feelings I must have had at the time.

Even though I was left caged up and unable to move … just like arthritis hard to move, I deeply and completely accept myself and whatever feelings I must have had at the time.

Next, we worked more aggressively, saying the words louder and tapping harder. Followed by a marathon of tapping on all points saying, I am free of arthritis, I am a child of God and I deserve to move with ease.

Even though I have this arthritis, I choose to believe the world is now safe for me to move freely in, and I completely choose to love and accept myself.

I also found that by making up the emotion while tapping these emotions would sometimes come out. So I became hopeful. We also tapped a lot on anger, worthlessness, depression, hurt, sadness, feeling unloved, feeling unsafe to express herself.  I also had her make up a movie for when she was very young, having her mother lock her up in a closet and telling her how worthless she is. This was toward the end and I think it's what made her arthritis finally leave.

It took us a month; she came once a week and left with homework each time. Her homework was to tap on her pain and stress level throughout the day. And I had her tapping affirmations on herself daily, such as; I am getting healthier everyday … I move comfortably ... I am safe to move about freely ... I am deserving.

Brenda now has no pain in her back, hips, legs, neck or hands. She can also move her head fully to the side with ease. She also walks with normal pain-free strides. So far this has lasted 2 weeks so we are hopeful she will remain this way. I am very grateful and humble to the fact that EFT was brought into the world.

Love Marlene Marion EFT-ADV"

Sinus pain, allergies and sleep

"I want to thank you for helping me on Friday. I was somewhat surprised by what you did for me, but so far I do feel much better. Even my feet do! My sinus pain that I couldn't account for has gone, also my sleep has been unbroken. I tried food I was tested as being allergic to and that has not affected me. I have been following what you told me about protection techniques. Thank you for your help." Marilyn

Period pains less severe and feeling happier

"Hi Peter. This is Rachel who you saw last Wednesday. Just e-mailing to let you know how I've got on since the healing and visiting the past... Firstly, up until yesterday I have felt brilliant, really radiant, happy and contented with myself, as if I've had a huge surge of confidence, I'm less concerned about my weight. Also, the period pains have died down and are less severe - which is great." Rachel

Negative emotions, compulsive behaviour

"I am having therapy sessions with Peter to deal with negative emotions, compulsive behaviours and low self-esteem which has stemmed from a bad childhood. Peter thoroughly considers the problem area and can instantly identify the appropriate course of therapy as a way to letting go and heal the damage. The treatment has long lasting effects and begins to work after just one session. If you are requiring therapy, I would thoroughly recommend that you book and appointment with Peter, you will feel better instantly." Ruth, UK