Transfiguration testimonials

Here's some feedback from my transfiguration demonstrations...

"When I saw Peter working I realised how quickly his guides can appear.  Peter's guide was there one minute and gone the next, then back again.  That is the clearest I have seen that happen.  The control both he and the guide had between them after many years of practice though was wonderful." VT, Dorset

"It gave me confirmation of the existence of guides and spirits.  My back has been healed!  My belief that emotions are at the root of physical pain has just been strengthened."  Jill G

"I liked the friendly approach and the simplicity of the teaching." Alison F

"We saw Peter's guides come through.  One was a Chinese man whose features were very prominent.  We also saw a red Indian!  Peter must have grown in height by at least 6".  It was brilliant and made us feel on top of the world."  Emma and Steve

"Thank you for a wonderful evening.  I have seen transfiguration before, but never have I seen it done so positively and professionally."  Graham A

"It was wonderful!  I have had a bad back for many  years.  I was able to stand without my stick and bend with no pain after receiving your healing.  Thank you and your guides."  Val D

"Very, very good.  Thank you."  Brenda D