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I am gathering a list of interested people who will be interested in joining a Skype spiritiual development group which I will be starting soon. It open to anyone internationally and nationally and I will have a maimum of six people in the group. If you want more details or wish to be considered then please contact me by email.      

Hypno-Band 'Virtual gastric band surgery' with energy surgery.

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Peter Steedman, D.Hyp
International Medium, Intuitive Therapist, Psychic Energy Surgeon & Healer


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My name is Peter Steedman and I am a Medium, Energy Surgeon, Intuitive Therapist and Soul Healer. 
I have been working therapeutically and intuitively to facilitate positive change and healing in groups and individuals throughout the UK, Hong Kong, Spain, America and Canada for over 24 years.
A team of Spirit doctors work through me to bring healing to distress and imbalance within your body. They will help to bring you into balance, remove any unconscious blocks and work directly on your physical body to support specific areas and allow natural energy (Chi) to flow.
Being able to combine energy surgery, therapy and healing makes it possible to help with underlying issues as well as physical, making whatever I do highly effective at a very deep level.
I specialise in helping people with often complex, misunderstood or misdiagnosed emotional, physical and spiritual issues, which can manifest in problems that seem to resist all other treatments.  
Please browse these pages for more information and if you have any questions or want to book an appointment please contact me.
It has been incredible experience working with you. Every session passed an invisible weight has been lifted up and I become lighter. I have been reading a lot of books and listening to inspirational speakers on how important is to be present in time and feel the power of now, however it has been difficult for me to do so in practice. Since we started my energy sessions I felt every time my spirit feel more free and I am now able to spend most days in now without regret of the past and worries of future and this is amazing, I hope I can stay that way forever. The improvement in my symptoms since the beginning is remarkable. Thank you very much for walking in my life path  and all the care you have given and I think we all definitely need a lot more people like you in our earthy experience. Sherry P , Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Thank you for 'staying with the process' even though I had only booked a half hour phone session. The depth of the work we did rather took me by surprise - I wouldn't have expected it to feel so 'natural' over the phone, or so focussed.
Now I feel more grounded and centred than I have done for some time....maybe never.
Anyway I am so pleased I followed my instinct to phone you. I will be in touch again when and if the time feels right.
May you continue to be blessed and give blessings through the work you do . 
Leslie .D. UK
There are a lot of very lovely photos on this site. If yours is one of them and for whatever reason I haven't credited, paid or contacted you, then please let me know.


I have really enjoyed your classes and think you are an amazing healer 
and psychic, with a rare talent to help people at a profound level. 


"I am grateful   beyond words    for the patience, support and professional guidance of        Peter . We healed wounds that I didn’t even know I had, things that have been held in my energy field and cellular memory from centuries past." Sue Coulson. Crystal Teacher/therapist

"Thanks again for   today. A truly     wonderful session. Inspirational" Chris

Since you performed psychic surgery on my back, I have had none of the previous pain, discomfort or immobility problems that I'd had for almost 20 years. Thank you very much Peter.     Ruth. Devon

Hi Peter,
I've been listening to your cds every day. They really are fantastic. I just want to thankyou so much, I really feel that I'm moving forward at last thanks to your help and understanding.
I was impressed with the healing session and when you started to pull the energy out of her back I could actually see it and that was a first for me.....Ann. Dorset
Thanks for the great talk and demonstrations last night. Very inspiring!..... Mary . Wilts
I have been suffering from Arthritis for the best part of 20 years and get very severe flare ups in my knees and elbows, I recently had a flare up after having my 4th child. I had one healing session with Peter by telephone as I live in New Zealand.  After the session the intense pain was almost completely gone and a fortnight later,  I was back to my normal self and my swelling was greatly reduced.
Lisa. N.Zealand
Thank you for the workshop and I just wanted to say what a truly inspiring, amazing day.
Lynne. Wilts
Peter’s knowledge and use of various techniques, combined with amazing intuition make his work extremely powerful.
Christina. Equestrian Stables.

Hi Peter,  what a fabulous evening. awe inspiring......S. Wilts