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  1. Remote and Distant Healing and Energy Clearing

    In the last two years I have been asked more than ever before if I could help someone who lived too far away to visit me or where a loved one or family member was so lost in their issues they wouldn't address them or ask for help.

    I realised with greater clarity than ever before that there is no limit to healing energies being offered with intent and respect and working with permission of the individuals' higher self. That it was also possible to bring a positive change and healing to wherever the individual lived.

    I carry out an in-depth diagnostic 'energy health check' by looking at issues that I have found that sensitive people (young and old) are affected by.


    Re-balance Chakra's and meridians

    Remove negative energies and attachments

    It can help where someone is having aches and pains that don't appear to have a logical reason behind them.

    It can help with broken sleep

    Emotional imbalances

    Feelings of being confused, lost and sad

    Feeling trapped and disassociated in life

    Finding it hard to concentrate.

    Irrational sudden feelings of sadness or anger. etc

    The individual receiving healing doesn't need to set aside a mutually agreed time, or do anything different than normal.

    It can help anyone whatever their age and doesn't take away any 'learning or challenges' they have chosen to go through on a Soul level.

    I also will check and clear the energies within a home including the land it stands on and the garden area. A sensitive person will be affected by old emotional residual energies within a home or even an unsettled piece of land.

    What helps me in this type of work is 32 years of training and development of my sensitivity to other vibrations and frequencies working with just a name, date of birth and an address.

    I use my intuition and body sensitivity to mirror any imbalances from whatever I am focusing on and then use a variety of techniques and processes to address and heal whatever I am shown, until it is peaceful.

    It is important to note that what I offer in the way of healing and energy rebalancing is not a replacement for current medication and I would always encourage any individual to consult their health care professional for advice as necessary.

    I also feel that an energy exchange is important in this work as energy needs to 'flow' and sometimes it is important that the recipient of the healing is asked to do some simple 'homework' exercises.

    After the session is completed...a donation can be sent to my paypal address.

  2. About a month ago I was seeing a young mother as a client and she was telling me that they had just moved to a new home with her husband and 18 month old baby.

    However since moving in to their new home, the baby which previously had always slept through the was waking every night with night terrors. Screaming, wide eyed, pushing mum away which distressed her, until after about 15 minutes he would settle down and would come to sleep in his parents bed.

    She also told me that his bedroom felt cold when you went in there.

    It was obvious to me that the little lad was being affected by an earthbound spirit resident in the bedroom and the family needed help. 

    So I offered to do a 'remote clearing' of the home and family and asked her to let me know in a few days how things were. I actually didn't here for about a month and then got an email apologising for not being in touch as their internet had been off.

    But since I had done the 'Remote clearing' the little lad has been sleeping soundly every night in his own room bringing huge relief to all concerned.

    I always feel  gratitude that our gifts can be used in such a way to help not only a young family but also a confused and stuck 'spirit'!

  3. On January 4th 2016  a new journey began as Equilibrium, which  has been one of the clinics I have worked from for a few years now and was near Chippenham, is moving to a smart new premises at Corsham and about 10 minutes away from the old venue.

    The new address is

    23 Leafied Way



    SN13 9RS

    I will be running some more of the successful four week evening development groups there and also hope to do some more demonstrations of mediumship.

    I look forward to seeing you there.


    WHO AM I?

    I would love to be a bird on a tree
    That sings and flies, happy and free
    I would build a nest to protect my young
    Until they can fly, one by one.

    I could be a flower, but not a weed
    Growing healthy and strong, from just a seed
    Give me water and love and plenty of light
    And I will grow vibrant and bright

    But I am me, I can still be free
    If I stand in the light, how tall will I be?
    I am spirit, with colour and beauty
    If I touch your heart, I know you will feel me

  5. Are you having 'One of those Days'?

    I stood in front of the heavy wooden door of a large, detached house that was surrounded by overgrown rambling bushes, and wondered who lived in this wonderful home full of character. I had been asked by a lady to come to her home to do some minor DIY repairs.

    I knocked on the heavy brass door knocker, thinking of how the loud noise was irritating my niggling headache, when the door opened and a small, acutely bent over elderly lady welcomed me and invited me in.

    As I followed her down the shadowy hallway to the kitchen she asked me to sit on a kitchen stool with her. She pulled herself up onto the stool and leant backwards, lifted her head to look up at my face and smiled, "Ahh, there you are."

    Her spine seemed to have collapsed at the base of her neck, and her head was horizontal to the ground. I felt full of compassion and yet curiosity as to how her condition had come about.

    We briefly discussed various small jobs that needed doing and then she asked me to follow her to her sitting room. She took me to the mantlepiece and pointed to group photo of three slim, sprightly, smiling women standing on a beautiful sandy beach. She said, "That lady in the middle was me, three years ago."

    Astonished, I struggled to see how they could possibly be the same person, but as she met my gaze she smiled and her eyes twinkled, I realised it was her.

    She told me, "I lived in Australia for 20 years, swam every day in the sea and felt healthy and well. But when I got to eighty years of age I was told to have a health check. When I did, I was told that I had lumps in my breasts and that I had to have my breasts removed. I refused, telling them, 'I've had these breasts for eighty years, so they aren't going anywhere!" So they made me have chemotherapy, but as a result, this softened my spine which then collapsed.'

    She then said, "But my body and this condition have set me free. Every day I come into this room and sit down and close my eyes. I then feel myself swimming in that beautiful sea just like I always did. I can go wherever I want, whenever I want. And I can hear the sound of the waves, feel the cool refreshing water and see the fish around me. I am blessed."

    As I looked around the room, I saw books scattered around with titles such as 'Positive thinking and You', 'Free your mind', 'Let go of your fears' and 'Change your Thoughts and Change your Life'.

    I realised that this beautiful Soul hadn't just bought those books but had read them, and was living proof of how powerful our thoughts are.

    My niggling headache suddenly felt insignificant. I left the house with a spring in my step and a smile on my face, as I knew that I had just met another teacher in my life. Twenty years on I still remember that morning as if it was yesterday. And I still keep reminding myself that, when I wake up each morning, I can choose to think on what I don't have, or I can choose to think of things that make me smile.

    As I look out the window into the garden I see a fallen tree, and yet it still has beautiful blossom in a vibrant pink. I am grateful for the reminder that, even though my body is getting older, my light will always shine.

  6. I am gathering a list of interested people who will be interested in joining a Skype spiritiual development group which I will be starting soon. It open to anyone internationally and nationally and I will have a maimum of six people in the group. If you want more details or wish to be considered then please contact me by email.      

  7. The 'Medley of Mediums' charity event at Equilibrium, Chippenham was a great success.

    We were raising money for Sophie Long who will be 16 this summer. She is trying to raise £4000 by next summer to do a world challenge trip to work in a very deprived orphanage in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam and then with disabled adults in Cambodia. She will be taking with her things for the children in the ophanage

    Through the generous raffle prizes given and a full house, we raised £450 which has made Sophie very happy and grateful.

    I hope to arrange another event later in the year.

    Thanks go to Lindy Cowling, Kes Fearon and Sharon Searley who demonstated their talents on the night.