Welcome to Soul Healing with Peter Steedman

Spiritual Medium, Psychic Energy Surgeon, Intuitive Therapist and Soul Healer


My name is Peter Steedman and I am a spiritual medium, psychic energy surgeon, intuitive therapist and soul healer.  

I specialise in complex, misunderstood or misdiagnosed emotional, physical and spiritual issues, which can manifest in problems that seem to resist all other treatments. 

I offer workshops, groups, training, talks and demonstrations in Wiltshire and online,  and internationally via an online private zoom conference room.  

I can create personalised audio and video recordings especially for you,  and can also offer remote energy clearing for you and your home.  

I am here for you, as I have been for the last 30 years, ready to help you, however and wherever possible, with my team of loving spirit guides.

Please browse these pages for more information and, if you have any questions or want to book an appointment, please contact me.

Peter Steedman, D.Hyp.

Member of UUPS, Unity of UK Psychic Surgeons

A few words from past clients...

"Peter is highly respected in his field because he is working ethically and with compassion.  He successfully integrates his therapies.  He is grounded, trustworthy and honest and I am happy to recommend my clients to him."  

Ina D'Costa, UK

"Peter is 100% genuine and has a fantastic gift with remarkable accuracy... He is the best psychic medium in the South West."

Caroline Lyons, UK

"It has been an incredible experience working with you...  an invisible weight has been lifted."

Sherry P, Dubai

"I have had a bad back for many years.  I was able to stand without my stick and bend with no pain after receiving your healing.  Thank you and your guides."

Val D, UK

"Since you performed psychic surgery on my back, I have had none of the previous pain, discomfort or immobility problems that I'd had for almost 20 years."

Ruth, Devon, UK

"I am out of the dark, dark place I was and I'm not going back... I smile all the time and Peter has a wonderful website if I need to recap."

Lynda, New Zealand

"Peter's insight was amazing.  One of the best we've seen!"

KL Wong, Hong Kong