Inspired Writings

This is a selection of inspired writings and poems that I have written over the years.  If you enjoy them then please let me know.

Who Am I?

I would love to be a bird on a tree

That sings and flies, happy and free.

I would build a nest to protect my young

Until they could fly, one by one.

I could be a flower, but not a weed

Growing healthy and strong, from just a seed.

Just give me water and plenty of light

And I will grow strong, vibrant and bright.

But I am ME, I can still be free

If I stand in the light, how tall would I be?

I am Spirit, with colour and beauty

If I touch your heart, I know you will feel me.


To be alive, is not just a physical function

But is to allow yourself to open your awareness

To new voices

To question not new thoughts, but old beliefs!

Despise your doubts and encourage hope

Be not angry at the inner turmoil

But realise that it is an expression of growth

If you live in hope, your fears will be extinguished

And your eyes will be lifted, above the anguish

Allow your heart to expand and unfold

The love that your guides would give you to hold.

Hold on fast and realise the inner strength

It's the way you have come, the way that was meant.

To live in fear, brings the doubts in near

The doubts bring the turmoil and often a tear

Laugh at the shadows, smile at the world

And let God's arms come around you and keep out the cold!

Eternal Love (c) Luisa Steedman