Energy Clearing Testimonials

"I am writing to thank you for your wonderful energy and house clearing.  On the day you sent the reports, we have exchanged contracts and this Tuesday the house is actually sold!  I wish I knew about you 3 years earlier as that is how long it took us to sell it and we were always really close but it never got finalised until you intervened.   Also, I have noticed lots of positive changes when it comes to [my husband] and I definitely feel calmer myself and my period wasn't as painful as always.  In terms of [our son], he hasn't been sleep walking since last week either and he seems all fine/his usual self.  A big big thank you from all three of us..."


"Our house feels lovely since you did the clearing and we smudged it. It's light and happy. Thank you so much."


"Peter regularly clears our home and us - can highly highly recommend him. Have been seeing and using Peter for just over 30 years now."

Carole, Gloucestershire

"Thank you Peter for the energy diagnosis and clearing you carried out remotely on myself and my home.  I was surprised by how much you found in the home that needed clearing but afterwards it felt so much lighter and calmer.  I also used to have many nights where I couldn't get to sleep until 3am but since the clearing I go to sleep a lot quicker and sleep more deeply.  You also cleared a lot from my aura such as negative energy attachments as well as rebalancing my chakras and grounded me more effectively.  I noticed afterwards that it felt as if a weight had been lifted from me and my thinking was a lot clearer.  I now understand how stress, anxiety, illness and over-tiredness had left me vulnerable and more sensitive.  It was if I had collected other people fears and emotions around with me unknowingly.  It is good to know that we can be cleared of these things in such a profound and respectful way.  Thank you."

Maggie, Devon

"If you recall, you did a clearing on our mum and dad's property last autumn, which we had difficulty selling.  Two weeks later after your clearing we had an offer which we accepted and the sale went through just before christmas!  Thank you for your help Peter. "


"Peter did wonderful clearing on our home and mine and my families energy fields, and it made a huge difference to the way the home felt afterwards, as well as the way we felt. I would thoroughly recommend him!" 


"Since you undertook the diagnosis and house clearing I have felt a shift happen.  There is now a lovely energy in not only my flat, but the building feels more positive too.  I have put the flat on the market and will keep you posted.  In terms of insomnia, I have slept well every night except on one occasion and have been waking up earlier and feeling refreshed.  I am generally feeling better and feel I am in the right place to move forwards in my life, including being open to a wonderful new relationship and job.  Thank you for your insights and support in clearing blocked energies.  I no longer feel I am being watched by uncomfortable energies in the flat."


I was delighted to receive this feedback from one family whose house I cleared:

"Hi Peter.   I just wanted to send you a message to thank you so much for the energy clearing of our house which you did a few weeks back.  The difference is absolutely amazing.  It now feels like our own home and the strange feeling I have always had but never been able to put my finger on has completely disappeared.  The air feels lighter and it no longer feels like we are sharing the house with someone else.  I love getting home now whereas previously it filled me with a sense of dread.  It feels so homely and cosy too but the best thing is that everyone seems to be getting along better.  The children no longer want to kill each other and my husband and I are much happier.  Seriously, the difference is amazing so thank you very much."