One-to-one sessions online

One-to-one sessions can take place online via a Zoom online conference room.  They are normally 1.5 hours in the first session, to give me time to take a relevant case history.

During the session, after establishing a few important details, I will guide you through two very powerful affirmations. The first balances and aligns your chakras (the power points of your energy system) and rebalances your meridians. The second affirmation clears away any stuck and accumulated energies.  These affirmations strengthen your energy protection, calm your nervous system and help you to feel more balanced.

Once I have done the affirmations, I will help you create your own unique Healing reference Point, which will immediately change the frequency within your energy field and lift your mind and body to a more vibrant, lighter, positive place.

We can then anchor that Healing Reference Point with an NLP* technique , so you can continue to access it whenever you need it and constantly remind your unconscious mind of the powerful healing space you want to be in.  

During the session I can incorporate a variety of techniques that, guided intuitively, I can use to help you to reprocess and bring healing to old emotional bruises connected to your life experiences.

Follow-up sessions are normally 1 hour in length, during which I will continue to help with any important memories that still need to be processed, and help to re-establish a more positive belief system as required.

*Neuro-linguistic programming