Psychic Protection

Here are some psychic protection techniques that will help you to feel more peaceful, calm and in control.  If you find it hard to visualise, just imagine and trust that you are doing it.

This technique sends a message to your unconscious mind to draw in your energy field and gives you a rest.

In these visualisations, you aren't actually closing the chakras, so no harm will happen to you if you do this.  It just helps to bring control and protection to your energy centres.

If you can, do this exercise in the morning, afternoon and again before going to sleep, at least initially, until you find yourself feeling more peaceful, calm and in control of your life.

Try it see how you get on!

Chakra protection visualisation

Sit somewhere quiet, if possible on an upright chair with legs and arms uncrossed.

Close your eyes and visualise the crown chakra on top of the head.  Picture it facing upwards as a purple flower or open door.

Now visualise yourself gently closing all the petals of that flower.  If you see it as a door, see yourself closing and locking a purple door.

Then focus on your third eye. This chakra is on your forehead facing to the front and its colour is indigo. Again imagine these petals closing firmly but comfortably.

Now close the light blue chakra on your throat.

Then the thymus chakra between the throat and heart, which is aquamarine.

Now close the green/pink heart chakra. This is level with your physical heart but in the centre of your chest.

Now close the solar plexus chakra in colour of yellow.

Now close the sacral chakra in the colour of orange.

Finally close the base chakra in the colour of red (this chakra faces down).

Before you finish, this next step is of vital importance:

Protective light

Immediately you have visualised your chakra's closing, imagine that to the left hand side of you there is a wall of bright light from the floor to the ceiling.

Then imagine that light to the right hand side of you, from the floor to the ceiling.

Imagine the light in front of you and behind you. Also above you and below you. So now you are surrounded by light.

Then allow this light to expand inwards and outwards until you are breathing it in to your body and YOU become the light. Allow it to become 10 times brighter still.

Now know that you are protected from any darkness or negativity.