A Spiritual Health Check of people, animals and their homes

Ever since I first started healing, I have always tried to stretch myself beyond my comfort zone, learning new techniques and being guided by my team of Spirit doctors to work with energy in different ways.

I have been inspired by my guides to work remotely offering healing, combining the resources I have, using a different approach. 

Remote diagnosis and clearing of homes

Many of you who know me and of my work will also be aware that in this last few years I have being doing more and more remote home energy clearing as well as working remotely on people who are out of balance and struggling.

Sometimes you can move in to a new home all excited about making it special, but then find that something doesn't feel right; you and family members may feel irritable, moody, become ill, stop sleeping well; certain rooms may feel icy cold, or you may feel as if you are being watched, etc.

When I am asked to help in a situation like this, I set aside some time and intuitively connect to the energy of the home.  I then perform a 17 question diagnosis and addresse the imbalances that present themselves, using a number of techniques I have learnt throughout my 33 years of re-balancing energies that are out of balance.

I am always glad of the positive feedback from clients who have benefitted from this intensive energy diagnosis and clearing.  

Remote clearing and balancing of people and animals

So many clients I connect with feel energetically out of balance and are frequently carrying 'energies'  that do not belong to them.  This is because, when we are tired, under par or unwell,  we are more vulnerable to other people's emotions, thoughts, fears, and anxieties, as well as many other energies that can affect us on a daily basis.  These energies can leave you feeling "not like yourself", or like you are constantly trying to keep up in life.  You might find it difficult to focus, or suddenly feel overwhelmingly tired, or find yourself feeling sad, trapped, confused and vulnerable, perhaps without reason.  Or you might find yourself suddenly overwhelmed with negative emotions, or pains and fears that are inexplicable and increase a sense of imbalance and uncertainty in your life.

Working remotely, I can connect over any distance to your unconscious energy and work with your higher self and Soul.  I am happy to work with any age, as long as I can receive feedback as to the benefits, even if from a parent for their child or the owner of the animal.  

I received the following request in the autumn of 2019 from an old client:-

 "At the moment, the issue in the family, is that our deceased mum and dad's bungalow at Exeter, for whatever reason has not managed to be sold for over a year, despite it being in good order and in an ideal convenient location. Can you clear the energies there, please?"

A few months after the session, in January 2020, the client emailed me with an update:

"Firstly, if you recall, you did a clearing on our mum and dad's property last autumn, which we had difficulty selling.  Two weeks later, after your clearing, we had an offer which we accepted and the sale went through just before Christmas!  Thank you for your help, Peter."