Children suffering with night terrors!

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About a month ago I was seeing a young mother as a client and she was telling me that they had just moved to a new home with her husband and 18 month old baby.

However since moving in to their new home, the baby which previously had always slept through the was waking every night with night terrors. Screaming, wide eyed, pushing mum away which distressed her, until after about 15 minutes he would settle down and would come to sleep in his parents bed.

She also told me that his bedroom felt cold when you went in there.

It was obvious to me that the little lad was being affected by an earthbound spirit resident in the bedroom and the family needed help. 

So I offered to do a 'remote clearing' of the home and family and asked her to let me know in a few days how things were. I actually didn't here for about a month and then got an email apologising for not being in touch as their internet had been off.

But since I had done the 'Remote clearing' the little lad has been sleeping soundly every night in his own room bringing huge relief to all concerned.

I always feel  gratitude that our gifts can be used in such a way to help not only a young family but also a confused and stuck 'spirit'!

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