You can ask for a remote healing energy balance wherever you are?

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Remote and Distant Healing and Energy Clearing

In the last two years I have been asked more than ever before if I could help someone who lived too far away to visit me or where a loved one or family member was so lost in their issues they wouldn't address them or ask for help.

I realised with greater clarity than ever before that there is no limit to healing energies being offered with intent and respect and working with permission of the individuals' higher self. That it was also possible to bring a positive change and healing to wherever the individual lived.

I carry out an in-depth diagnostic 'energy health check' by looking at issues that I have found that sensitive people (young and old) are affected by.


Re-balance Chakra's and meridians

Remove negative energies and attachments

It can help where someone is having aches and pains that don't appear to have a logical reason behind them.

It can help with broken sleep

Emotional imbalances

Feelings of being confused, lost and sad

Feeling trapped and disassociated in life

Finding it hard to concentrate.

Irrational sudden feelings of sadness or anger. etc

The individual receiving healing doesn't need to set aside a mutually agreed time, or do anything different than normal.

It can help anyone whatever their age and doesn't take away any 'learning or challenges' they have chosen to go through on a Soul level.

I also will check and clear the energies within a home including the land it stands on and the garden area. A sensitive person will be affected by old emotional residual energies within a home or even an unsettled piece of land.

What helps me in this type of work is 32 years of training and development of my sensitivity to other vibrations and frequencies working with just a name, date of birth and an address.

I use my intuition and body sensitivity to mirror any imbalances from whatever I am focusing on and then use a variety of techniques and processes to address and heal whatever I am shown, until it is peaceful.

It is important to note that what I offer in the way of healing and energy rebalancing is not a replacement for current medication and I would always encourage any individual to consult their health care professional for advice as necessary.

I also feel that an energy exchange is important in this work as energy needs to 'flow' and sometimes it is important that the recipient of the healing is asked to do some simple 'homework' exercises.

After the session is completed...a donation can be sent to my paypal address.

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