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Every client I see nowadays are energetically out of balance and are frequently carrying 'energies' of different types which does not belong to them.

When we are tired we are more vulnerable to other people's emotions, thoughts, fears, anxieties and it can make you feel like you are constantly trying to keep up in life, you may find it difficult to focus, suddenly you can feel overwhelmingly tired, sad, trapped, confused and vulnerable..etc

After establishing a few important details, I guide the client through two very powerful affirmations which balances and aligns the chakra's (energy power points of your energy system) and also rebalances your meridians.

The second affirmation clears away from the client all the stuck and accumulated energies which can make you feel as if “you are not yourself” and can also give sudden unexplained negative emotions, and are seen as energy attachments. These often create for the client unexplained pains and fears which increases the sense of imbalance and uncertainty in life.

Once I have done the affirmations, I always help my clients create their own unique 'Healing reference Point' which immediately changes the frequency within their energy field and lifts their mind and body to a more vibrant, lighter, positive place.

We then anchor that 'Healing Reference Point' with an 'NLP' technique , so they can continue to access it whenever they need it, constantly reminding their unconscious mind of powerful healing space that they want to be in.

So this affirmation strengthens your energy protection which will help your nervous system to be come calmer and can help you to fell more balanced.

How wonderful it would be, if you could have me do this for you everyday whenever you want...

Well now you can :-)

I am now offering to record a guided visualisation with your own unique 'healing reference point' and also record the affirmations specifically for you and send them in a downloadable audio file where you can then listen to them as often as you require.

Neither will take much of your time (probably about 10 minutes) but will be really beneficial in setting you up for the day and will help you potentially with better sleep, better balance and a great way of feeling clearer after the difficult moments we sometimes have in life.

All I will be asking for in return is a grateful donation to my paypal account or a bank transfer and some feedback as to the benefits you have received.

If interested, please email me, so that I can ask some simple questions. 

[email protected]

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