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Hello, I don't know about you, but I love this time of the year just BEFORE the leaves fall when we see the stunning colours of nature. Of course now with a few days of wind and rain and I am out cleaning gutters of old leaves and sweeping up the around the outside of our home.
Today I thought I would update on what has been keeping me very busy recently and the relevant feedback.
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Remote energy clearing and balancing of homes and people
Many of you who know me and of my work will also be aware that in this last 6 months I have being doing more and more remote HOME energy clearing as well as working remotely on people who are out of balance and struggling.

Sometimes you can move in to a new home all excited about making it special but then find that something doesn't feel right, you and family members may feel irritable, moody, become ill, stop sleeping well, certain rooms may feel icy cold or you may feel as if you are being watched etc etc.

A few weeks ago I was asked to help in a situation like this and so I set aside some time and intuitively connected to the energy of the home doing a 17 question diagnosis and then addressed the imbalances that presented themselves by using a number of techniques I have learnt throughout my 33 years of re-balancing energies that are out of balance.
I was delighted to hear this feedback from one family:-
"Hi Peter. I hope you have had a good week. I just wanted to send you a message to thank you so much for the energy clearing of our house which you did a few weeks back. The difference is absolutely amazing. It now feels like our own home and the strange feeling I have always had but never been able to put my finger on has completely disappeared. The air feels lighter and it no longer feels like we are sharing the house with someone else. I love getting home now whereas previously it filled me with a sense of dread. It feels so homely and cosy too but the best thing is that everyone seems to be getting along better. The children no longer want to kill each other and my husband and I are much happier. Seriously, the difference is amazing so thank you very much."

If you feel that you need similar help or you have a house that you just can't sell...maybe it needs some of my special attention...please message me :-)

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Personal and unique audio recording to create balance
Every client I see nowadays are energetically out of balance and are frequently carrying 'energies' of different types which does not belong to them.

When we are tired we are more vulnerable to other people's emotions, thoughts, fears, anxieties and it can make you feel like you are constantly trying to keep up in life, you may find it difficult to focus, suddenly you can feel overwhelmingly tired, sad, trapped, confused and vulnerable..etc

After establishing a few important details, I guide the client through two very powerful affirmations which balances and aligns the chakra's (energy power points of your energy system) and also rebalances your meridians.

The second affirmation clears away from the client all the stuck and accumulated energies which can make you feel as if “you are not yourself” and can also give sudden unexplained negative emotions, and are seen as energy attachments. These often create for the client unexplained pains and fears which increases the sense of imbalance and uncertainty in life.

Once I have done the affirmations, I always help my clients create their own unique 'Healing reference Point' which immediately changes the frequency within their energy field and lifts their mind and body to a more vibrant, lighter, positive place.

We then anchor that 'Healing Reference Point' with an 'NLP' technique , so they can continue to access it whenever they need it, constantly reminding their unconscious mind of powerful healing space that they want to be in.

So this affirmation strengthens your energy protection which will help your nervous system to be come calmer and can help you to fell more balanced.

How wonderful it would be, if you could have me do this for you everyday whenever you want...

Well now you can :-)
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I am now offering to record a guided visualisation with your own unique 'healing reference point' and also record the affirmations specifically for you and send them in a downloadable audio file where you can then listen to them as often as you require.

Neither will take much of your time (probably about 10 minutes) but will be really beneficial in setting you up for the day and will help you potentially with better sleep, better balance and a great way of feeling clearer after the difficult moments we sometimes have in life.

All I will be asking for in return is a grateful donation to my paypal account or a bank transfer and some feedback as to the benefits you have received.

If interested, please private message me so that I can ask some simple questions.
Feedback from a happy Client
"WOW ...WOW...WOW.  Peter your audio for me is awesome, far more powerful than I thought it might be. I think I was already experiencing it yesterday, even though I hadn't listened to it at that time. Ordinary words seem so inadequate, and I hope you can feel my appreciation for the help you have given me. My brother will listen to it later, and I think it will help him too.  We have both felt pretty stressed lately, but now that stress has left and I feel calm and empowered, and above all safe.  I had been feeling vulnerable, and a victim, but now I don't feel that at all. The pain in my heart and solar plexus has gone and I am looking forward to carrying on with the work I do with lots of other people.   So  THANK YOU Peter, bless you for the work you do."
Finally....a reminder of my workshop at Equilibrium Corsham.....which is nearly full!

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Inline imageYou and Your Spirit Guides (workshop)
with Peter Steedman

Sunday 25th November 2018

10am to 4.30pm

at Equilibrium Natural Health Centre

Corsham, Wiltshire. SN13 9RS


I have been aware of my Spirit Guides for almost as long as I can remember and I have been communicating with them daily, ever since I realised how empowering and comforting it was.


Most people I meet in my work have an awareness of spirit energies but many are unsure how to connect with their guides and become full of doubt which then limits the connection.

I have run many Spirit Guide workshops over the last 30 years of teaching and demonstrating and there is something very special about bringing a closer connection between our human lives and our Spirit friends.


My intention at this workshop is to help you have greater clarity, clearer and stronger connections and to use a variety of exercises to help you connect to your closest guides and teachers.


Come and have a wonderful day with likeminded friends and your spirit guides!


Testimonials from past workshops


Many many thanks , Peter, for all the thought , preparation and work that you and your guides clearly invest in the run-up to the workshops, not to mention the inspiring way you deliver them, and help each one of us to progress in our own individual psychic development.” Wendy


" Thank you so very much Peter! Your wisdom has connected me in a profound way with the energies I know are with me,

I have learned so much and will be eternally grateful" Susan




Please bring your own lunch, refreshments will be provided as well as pads, paper and pens.


Cost £50.....if you pay on day


£45........early bird fee on bookings and full payments made before 18th Nov

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Let me know when and how you have made the payment so that I can reserve your place.

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