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Kai Muegge (physical medium)

On April 20th 2012 I was invited to see the German physical medium Kai at an experimental séance at the Banyon Retreat at Ashford in Kent. Travelling with friends Chris , Alan and Richard from the Bristol Spirit Lodge we enjoyed the long journey to Kent sharing our past experiences about mediumship in general and laughing about the humourous events and people we had met.

There was much banter as Richard told the story of sitting in a séance and a faint voice coming from the far corner telling a woman (Spirit) ‘this is your father speaking’  (Sitter)‘hello father’, (Spirit) ‘do you remember the horse we had?’,(Sitter) ’ No’ (Spirit) ‘you must remember the horse we cared for?’, (Sitter)‘No’ , (Spirit)‘this is your father speaking’ etc.

From that point whenever we needed to address each other it started with “This is your father speaking (with a faint far away voice)”

We arrived at the Banyan Retreat and as soon as we drove through the wrought iron gates into a driveway with a beautiful lake on the left, we knew it was going to be a special evening.

We were given a warm welcome and it was lovely to be personally greeted by Kai, as many physical mediums I have gone to see, kept themselves in a quiet room somewhere and the first you saw of them was when they came into the séance room.

We were all led into a restful light room where we sat until Kai and his fiancé and circle leader Julia came into the room and introduced themselves before giving an explanation of his work. Kai’s work is very much focused around the Scole Group teachings which was focused in providing evidential phenomena for scientific validation.

We were then led into the séance room which was roomy and clean with two rows of seats in a horseshoe shape around the ‘cabinet’ which was like a round black tent about 1 meter in diameter and hung from a hook in the ceiling.

All the sitters removed shoes, belts, watches and were searched to ensure the safety of the medium. Then the medium was independently strip searched as well as the two assistants to ensure that everyone could enjoy the evening with an open mind and enjoy the wonderful phenomena.

The séance was held in blackout conditions with red light used when necessary, loud music was played and we were encouraged to hum or sing along too. This raised the energy and allowed everyone to be participating and helping the energy to build as Kai took himself into a deep trance state and his main guide and spirit control Prof Hans Bender came forward to speak.

I was aware of cold draughts building up around my legs and no higher than my knees and loud rappings like someone with a small hammer tapping on various parts of the ceiling, walls and floor. This continued even when Hans was speaking with his voice gradually gaining strength and clarity.

I saw fluttering lights like fireflies that moved almost like moths around a bright light, but also at one point the cabinet curtains were opened and I could see one of these spirit lights going round and round the medium’s head.

There were various people saying they were being touched and prodded though I personally didn’t experience it, there was also musical rattles on the floor which we could hear being shook. The rattle was about 4 metres away from the medium and whilst it was being used, Hans continued to talk through the medium with confirmation from the assistants either side that they were using the ‘four limb control’ on the medium to prove that he and they hadn’t moved from their position.

There was a short pause with a dim torch light used to allow all from the back row to swap with the front row so that all would have good viewing, this allowed me my opportunity to get closer to the action. At this point Hans indicated that there was gentleman in spirit who wished to be remembered to a man who was in the room. He explained that he was being told that the man in the room worked for Spirit but he had grown up in some sort of religious cult or sect before leaving of his own accord. He explained that the man in spirit died at an age of about 92 and that he felt that he had put a lot of pressure on the man in the room and wished to say sorry because he had been wrong. He also said that he was helping the man he was connecting with.

At this point I spoke up and accepted the message as I realised it was my father, I was born into a religious sect called the Exclusive Brethren and rebelled against the strict rules from my late teens until I was banished at the age of 26 having my home, job, family and friends taken from me with no further contact made until I saw my father on his death bed 20 years later.

I was put under huge pressure to conform, get married and not think for myself, but have always been grateful that my father gave me an awareness of Spirit and would often come home and recount ghostly experiences he had been told of by various acquaintances he had. I also have experienced my father around me in various circles soon after his passing and it was understandable that he would have enjoyed the singing at the séance as my father was always singing. And the Seeker’s songs that we sang to boost the energy of for Kai, were some of my father’s favourites that he used to play his mouth organ along to as I played my guitar.

I also realised that with his sense of humour he would had laughed as he listened to our banter before the séance of, “This is your father speaking”.

The next phenomena was a luminous board which was about 5” square placed on an upturned bucket again about 4 meters away from the medium and as we sang along to the music I saw various spirit hands of different sizes move over the board before twice pulling the board off the upturned bucket and leaving it upside down on the floor, as if to say ‘that’s it, we’ve done that now’.

The next thing was the red light being turned on under Hans instructions and the sheets of the cabinet pulled back so that the medium was in full view and you could clearly see what looked like streams of cotton wool or candy floss around the medium’s face, down to the floor and strung across from side to side of the cabinet walls. This ectoplasm substance was opened up by Hans through his mediums hands to show the flexibility of the substance which at times looked like the connective tissue of the body.

After more singing the cabinet opened again with even more of this ectoplasm substance around the medium whilst a particularly large mass was opened up to reveal a beautiful ‘apport’ of a brown crystal

Kai Apport   which was presented to Chris Di Nucci for her work and dedication to Spirit in helping to support and develop physical mediums over the last 8 years.

It was an amazing experience and I felt huge gratitude to Kai and his team for their dedication and I appreciated Kai again coming to say thank you afterwards when you could see he had still not quite recovered.

If you get the chance to see Kai I would definitely recommend the experience.

Peter Steedman


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  1. Anne Wright

    Hi Peter loved reading about your Kai experience so looking forward to seeing him in September and then working with you in October. Are you popping into the Healing Weekend? blessings xxx I'm hoping to Anne x

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  2. Wouters Eileen

    What an amazing experience!, I'm going to see/take part in an evening with Kai, next week here in Belgium, excitement is building up :)

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  3. Gillian Biondic

    Very interesting as physical mediumship is now quite rare these days - i am in second year of exponents course in mediumship all this is so interesting.

    Posted on

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