The Parrot and the Client

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Funny session involving a Parrot and a client



So there I am doing a weight loss session with a client, the scene is set with restful music, candles and her parrot that has being removed from the room, covered up and is two rooms away under strict instructions to keep quiet.


Everything is going fine and the parrot is quiet as I gently take the client on a guided visualisation taking her deeper and deeper so that I could suggest images and thoughts to help her lose weight.


30 minutes into the session and the client is deeply relaxed and all is going well and I get to the part where I suggest to her the image of looking in a full length mirror and seeing herself in a new dress, with a new hairstyle and looking slim and fit. At this point the parrot who hadn't made a cheep starts wolf whistling loudly from the far room and continues to wolf whistle and make kissing noises until the end of the session.


If that wasn't an incentive for her to lose weight I don't know what is, my only worry was that in her trance like state...she didn't think that it was me doing the wolf whistles :-) 


I was struggling to keep talking gently too her without bursting into laughter as the parrot then continued to make kissing noises.


As I closed the session down the blessed bird was as quiet as a mouse having obviously decided it had got it's message across and it had declared it's undying love for it's owner.


Thank goodness it didn't start singing the birdie song as well! But it obviously knew exactly what was going on and was giving it's owner as much encouragement as possible.

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  1. Mary

    I just love the above session with 'Parrot and the client.' That was so funny alright!!! It is now 3am here in NZ and have been carried away reading your blog....very interesting. Can you please tell me when is the best time to skype for a reading?

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