Operations gone Wrong!

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I have recently been in contact with a few clients who are suffering because of operations that have gone wrong causing them a tremendous amount of pain and distress.

And though I accept that these things happen, it leaves behind a tremendous feeling of injustice, anger, pain, frustration and limitation.

To help the body go into it's optimum healing state it does require you to be peaceful and calm unconsciously and consciously.

Even if you know this, it is incredibly hard to keep calm and peaceful when your body is in pain because of someone else's misjudgements or mistakes.

However, whatever has happened in your life, it is possible to release the trapped emotions of anger and hurt. And it is possible to allow those emotional bruises to be healed and reminder to every cell of your body, that it is allowed to be free of the pain of the past event.

Techniques such as EFT (emotional freedom technique), The give away, NLP, and any other mind/body balancing techniques will help.

Don't be prepared to just 'Live with it' but instead bring your whole body up to the present moment.

Stop trying to 'Pull yourself together' but help your body feel 'At one' and 'At Peace.'

You deserve it.

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