Remote Psychic Surgery

Remote Psychic Surgery


Remote Psychic Surgery

Remote Psychic Surgery

If you wish to book a session of Remote Psychic Surgery, Please send me an email to ([email protected])with your name, age, presenting symptoms, when did they first start? Have you seen your doctor? What treatments (if any) have you had so far?

I will arrange a mutual time where you can be resting/meditating undisturbed for 45 minutes and then I will carry a Remote Healing Session of psychic surgery with the spirit doctors that work through me.

You may experience energy moving around your body, you may feel light pressure on different parts of your body with sensations of coldness or warmth accompanied by tingling, or you may just feel very relaxed. etc.

Each experience is different for different clients who have different sensitivity to each other. 

We suggest that you take time to ground yourself after a session, stretch, move around, have a glass of fresh water and take your time. Feedback is always appreciated.

Cost of session is £60 paid on confirmation of booking.

:  at  £60.00  each

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