Spiritual Health Check for one person

Spiritual Health Check for one person


Spiritual Health Check for one person

Spiritual health check, clearing and healing for People and animals

One Individual (Total)  £30

Each extra person from the same house is £15 if booked at the same time

Under the age of five (Free) if included in a group booking.

If your order comes to more than the £30 set paypal price....

Email me telling how many people you need me to check in 'one' home and I will send you a paypal invoice

*If you book this healing session, please email me at [email protected] with head and shoulders photo (looking at the camera) *

*Also send me details of the problems with the name of the person to be cleared with their DOB.*

I have been inspired by my guides to work remotely offering healing, combining the resources I have, using a different approach. 

Spiritual Health Check, Clearing snd hesling for People

Symptoms of negative energy attachments can be:-

Unexplained aches and pains.

Sudden extreme emotions that wash over you and then go without reason

Feeling 'not myself', 'a bit lost', detached, confused, angry, anxious (for no reason)

Unsettled sleep, unable to concentrate etc

Feeling washed out and unually tired.

If you think this may apply to you....email me and I can check.

Feedback from a very happy client:-

"Dear Peter,
Thank you so much for your help in clearing and healing the various energies in our home as well as my husband and myself.
The changes are tangible ... I no longer cough incessantly or am short of breath which has made a phenomenal difference to myself and my husband ! 
We are both in a different place and our home is now calm with more cosy gentle energy ... My husband has also improved, not so grumpy, is now doing tasks, joining in conversations and being less of a potato couch ! 
Family and friends have noticed the change /difference and are amazed. We are both very much happier 
I do wish that I had contacted you before ! We are both exceedingly happy and Amazed at the changes that have occurred since your energy work ! 
I feel like I have won the Health and happiness lottery ! 
I can’t THANK you enough and we are very GRATEFUL to you"


jumping for joy


Price £30 to do an energy diagnosis and clearing for ONE person that lives in the home plus £15 for each extra person


I will send an email summary to you afterwards



:  at  £30.00  each