Dream Interpretation

Dream Interpretation


Dream Interpretation

I am frequently getting requests to help with the interpretion of a clients dream.

It would seem that with the many changes and challenges we have all been going through, we are getteing some quite vivid dreams.

I think that there is often a powerful message within those dreams, often it is the unconscious mind with thoughts, fears, anxieties bubbling up and manifesting as fast moving stories.

Or it can be that you have gone 'out of body' and have been 'astral travelling', sometimes receiving insights, healing and encouragement from our guides, soul group or a universal wisdom.

If you would like help in understanding a dream.....maybe I can unravel it a bit for you and bring some clarity.

I will do a 15 minute audio recording and send to your email address for you to listen to, with suggestions to either sleep better or how remember more of your dreams.


:  at  £20.00  each