QUIZ: How Psychic Are You?

How psychic and sensitive are you?   Are you curious to find out?

Get a piece of paper and make a tick for each of the following statements that applies to you.  Copy or paste them onto an email and send me your mark out of 50 with any questions or comments and I will let you know what I feel.

1.  You feel that you are always trying to fit in with everyone else.

2.  Others say that you are a good listener.

3.  When you need someone to listen to you, it seems as if they are too busy.

4.  People don't notice when you are troubled or hurt.

5.  You have become very good at hiding your feelings.

6.  You feel as if you always have to be strong for everyone else.

7.  When you were born there was some trauma attached to your birth.

8.  You either came very early or had to be induced.

9.  You had some early ill health which you grew out of.

10. It was hard growing up as you always found that children of your own age were quite childish.

11. You felt a lot older than your years when you were young.

12. One of your parents didn't give you the attention and affection you craved.

13. You've always had a good imagination and can be quite creative.

14. You have always doubted yourself and your ability.

15. You have always wanted to write a book.

16. You hate confrontation as it makes you feel sick.

17. It was difficult to just be "you" as people may not have liked the "new" you.

18. You used to be told off for not concentrating at school, but it seemed so boring at times

19. You went through a rebellious period from the age of 14-17, but you were only trying to be noticed and to express yourself.

20. You wanted to be free from limitations and don't like being labelled.

21. People have been the biggest challenge in your life.

22. You can cope with most things, but families and relationship have been difficult and painful.

23. Material things don't mean a lot to you.

24. The older you get, the more you value the people you love in your life and what you have, rather than what you have left behind.

25. You enjoy helping others to be happy.

26. You like being out in nature as it makes you feel free.

27. You like to learn new things if you have the money and time.

28. You seem to be too busy helping everyone else and you come last in the line.

29. You either sleep very fitfully or you sleep like a log and wake up tired.

30. You have sensitive eyes.

31. You get an ache in your lower back.

32. You suffer with a stiff neck.

33. You often get cold feet.

34. You get headaches frequently.

35. Your stomach can be very sensitive, particularly around stressful times.

36. You sense atmospheres very easily.

37. You know when you meet someone whether you can trust them or not.

38. You get strong feelings in houses you go in.

39. You think you are just imagining these things because others may not notice.

40. When you are with happy people, it makes you feel happy.

41. When you are with sad people, you feel sad and tired.

42. You don't like orthodox religion as it doesn't give you the answers you want.

43. You have had a few psychic experiences but it scares you a bit.

44. You believe in an afterlife.

45. You believe in guardian angels.

46. If you are sat quietly, you sometimes think you see a shadow move out of the corner of your eye.

47. You suddenly think of a friend and the phone rings - it's them!

48. You get very hurt by criticism.

49. Your favourite colours are blue or purple.

50. You love animals.

How did you do?

Whatever your result, psychic abilities and sensitivity is something you can develop with teaching and consistent practice.  Contact me if you'd like to find out more about my online psychic and mediumship training.